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Publishing my Children's book?


I wrote and illustrated a children's book a couple of years ago as part of my degree in Graphic Arts. So many people have advised me to get it published but after much googling Im not sure how to go about this...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated?

Many thanks,

Asked by: Stephanie Sroka

  1. Susan Russell 6 days ago

    Hello Steph. A good place to begin is by buying a copy of the Children's Writers & Artists Yearbook. It has articles, practical advice, and listings for publishers and agents. Every publisher has differing requirements, so it's a case of finding a relevent one that's open to submissions and following their criteria. Commonly they ask for the first three chapters (or possibly the whole MS if it's a short/picture book), a covering letter briefly outlining a bit about you & the book, and a synopsis (the worst bit!). Good luck and develop patience - it's a long haul for most of us!


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