Claire FoggI used to think that I was perhaps a bit eccentric to have a favourite font (Verdana, since you ask), but then I saw an article in The Independent and realised that you could delve far deeper into the world of good and bad fonts.

According to Why does everyone hate Comic Sans so much?, the playful-looking font is despised because it is used too widely and in the wrong context. Should you feel strongly you can join the campaign to ban it at Ban Comic Sans, where like-minded individuals are plotting to 'put the sans into comic sans'.

I suspect that the popularity of Comic Sans also stems from the prevalence of emailing and publishing copy online. A font that mimics the look of handwriting is a way of injecting personality when there are few other opportunities to do so. The problem is, it's not really your personality, just an identikit 'font with personality' personality.

There is something special about fonts, though. The best fonts combine design and precision, and contain an amazing array of possibilities all in the blink of a pixel. How can something as straightforward as 26 letters have so many permutations?

At the typographical goldmine that is Da Font you'll find thousands of fonts, and hundreds of those are comic ones, so the folk at Ban Comic Sans might need to regroup at some point. It looks like they've got a few more battles to wage yet.

What's your best/worst font?

I'd also like to hear from any Comic Sans sympathisers.

Best wishes,
(Publisher, A&C Black)