Blog Cressida DowningFurther to my Kindle post, is the future of books purely electronic?  As I've got more into the Kindle, I've discovered a number of people who are doing a Kindle challenge - aiming not to buy any paper books for a year, or getting rid of most of their paper copies.

I can see the merit in it - not least because we are currently without bookshelves, and we have a series of teetering towers of books decorating most of our living room and kitchen.  My version of a teetering tower is nothing compared to this artist's.  Marta Minujin has created a 25 metre high Tower of Babel in Buenos Aires as an art sculpture, complete with music.

The books range from Japanese picture books to Argentinean cowboy poems.  At the end of the display, literature lovers will be allowed to choose one book each, and the rest will become part of a Library of Babel.  The nicest part of this beautiful idea is that the books are appreciated as objects, but also for themselves.

I can't see ever getting rid of my books, and I love ideas that celebrate all aspects of books.  Have you seen any other similar art projects?

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