Just spotted this piece on writing desk envy at Poets & Writers and it sparked a trail to John Casey's Writing desk , which put me in mind of Hemingway's desk at home and on location. Hemingway was a master at working his environment to suit his writerly needs at any given time. This got me to thinking whether there truly is a desk for every occasion and, if I pursue this, where I'm going to fit my sofa. To see what I mean though, visuals are needed...


the desk space, competition and instructor standing over me I'll need when I simply must produce something to a deadline. (may need a few spare rooms though to house all the people)


yes, a lap will do for journaling but the chaise longue certainly has the appearance of a key contributory factor.


oh, and anne's desk with its air of a crumpled bed - all coffee & fags & putting your feet up.


and back to hemingway. he looks so grounded here, sketching out his thoughts.


back at camp, he's really hammering out his prose now.

Hemingway-at-his-standing-desklater, at the standing desk, for going back and forth on a story (verandah for pacing, an additional feature)


and the sturdy old oak desk for editing!


well, I guess - if needs must and I run out of space in the home (because of my new desk shopping addiction) and forget my notebook and pen - the pavement could become an option!

How about you? Where's the most unusual place you've ever written? Where's been the most productive?

(Editorial Manager)