The Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook (CWAYB)  is snapping hot on the heels of its older sister [link to WAYB 19]: it’s now fifteen years old and has firmly established itself as the guide for writers and illustrators for children from tots to YA plus all ages in between, across all media, formats and genres. Don’t just take my word for it. Sarah Crossan, Carnegie Medal winning author of the One and other titles, and the writer of the Foreword to this year’s 2019 edition, agrees: ‘To find your way as a children’s author, CWAYB should be your first port of call.’   

Sarah is joined by bestselling writers such as Paul Stewart, Emma Reeves, Shelli R. JohannesRobin Stevens and an illustrious cast of others – to collectively provide a range of engaging, informative and enlightening new articles for this year’s edition. We aim to reflect the very latest ideas emanating from the world of books and to showcase some of the best authors writing and illustrating for children today.

What's new?

  • Lauren James suggests how authors can successfully introduce a more diverse set of characters in Including LGBT+ characters in children's fiction
  • Robin Stevens describes how she became a writer in Murderous Inventions
  • Paul Stewart reminds us practice makes perfect when it comes to honing your craft in The Long and Winding Road to Publication
  • Theresa Tomlin discusses keeping momentum as a writer in Keeping Going: the Ups and Downs of Being a Published Writer
  • Joanna Nadin extols the rewards of writing in The Jobbing Writer's Lot
  • Emma Reeves gives a mini masterclass on Adapting Children's Books for Stage and Screen
  • Tessa Strickland How To Write A Picture Book
  • Jasmine Richards straddles both the publishing and writing world in Breaking Down the Market: Where does your book sit? 
  • Shelli R. Johannes explains the benefit of self-publishing whilst also going down the agent-publisher route inThe Hybrid Author: you can do it all - your way!
  • Caroline Horn provides her annual round-up of what's new and trending in News and Trends in Children's Publishing 2017-18

Lose yourself in the pages of the Yearbook, or as Frank Cottrell Boyce invites you to do riffle these pages and turn your dream into an ambition. When one in four books purchased in the UK in 2017 was a book for children or a YA readership, where better to start your own writing journey than with this tome, as a guide, a barometer and advocate of the world of children’s books. 

The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2019 and the Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2019 both publish 26th July and are available to buy here.

Alysoun Owen, Editor the Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook