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Don't be shy, be seen

Once you’re set, perhaps with a website and definitely with a portfolio, you’ll need to have your work seen.

I am a little out of the loop, but on asking an agent they did recommend making appointments (as I did when starting out) with art directors, dropping off your folio with them or hopefully seeing them face-to-face.

If it’s the latter, do ask advice on whom they’d recommend you see next, and perhaps what they think of your work and suitability for jobs. You’ll soon get a handle on where your place is in the market and can pitch more effectively from there.

Another idea is to use a company that has up-to-date records of addresses and contacts across the board in the industry. One company I know of is Bikini Lists but there are others, so do check which one feels right for you, and also whether this approach feels right for you. It doesn’t work for everyone and I haven’t tried it yet, so can’t comment fully.

Sending ‘postcards’ (samples of your work with your contact details) directly to art directors is another idea you might want to try. It’s a nice informal approach and can work well.

Other than that, best of luck!

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