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Interviews with artists

Get inspired with our collection of interviews with artists - from cartoonists to illustrators, there's bound to be something here to get those creative juices flowing.

An Interview with David McKee

We sat down with children's author and illustrator David McKee at the London Book Fair to discuss his creative process and the power of observation...

Where do you start with an illustration? 

You start with something you’re going to work on and something you’re going to work with, then you …

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Interview With Cath Hodsman

Here, we talk to one of Britain's most successful wildlife and natural history artists on her lucky break, dealing with rejection and what inspires her in her career.

Have you always wanted to be an artist? What drew your focus to wildlife in particular?

Gosh, no! Even though I loved art ( I …

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Interview with Claire Mackie

Clare Mackie was born and brought up in the Scottish countryside surrounded by the animals and insects which have come to define her watercolour paintings. After five years at art school in Edinburgh she headed to London and carved out a career in illustration, working for clients as varied as …

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Interview with Daisy de Villeneuve

She’s been drawing in felt-tip since the age of three, but unlike the rest of us she’s forged a brilliant career out of it. Daisy de Villeneuve’s illustrations have adorned everything from Topshop shoeboxes to the pages of Vogue, but, says the fashionista, it hasn’t always been an easy …

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Interview With Effie Lada

As a prize-winning children's illustrator and writer,  Effie has had her books published in Greece, Italy, Korea and Russia, amongst others. Here, she tells us how she merges reality and fantasy in order to create her compelling characters, how she got into the world of illustrating and her …

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Interview with Giles Andreae

Even if you’re not familiar with the name of poet, author and illustrator Giles Andreae, you’ll certainly recognise his work. He is the playful philosopher Edward Monkton (creator of Pig of Happiness and the Madness Hamster) and the inventor of cheeky Purple Ronnie. He has also written many …

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Interview with Jim Smith

Illustrator Jim Smith has a more subversive sense of humour than most. When he was fresh out of college he landed a client by the name of Puccino’s and turned their branding into a joke. In a good way. Here he explains what can happen when you’re given complete creative freedom and there’s a …

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Interview with Jonny Duddle

Jonny Duddle

An interview with illustrator and writer Jonny Duddle, the man behind the new children's editions of the Harry Potter series.

How did you feel when you found out you would be illustrating the new Harry Potter jackets?

It was a bit of a shock. I painted the first cover as a ‘test’ piece last year, …

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Interview with Kipper Williams

He graduated from doodling footballers and cowboys as a child to being paid to pen cartoons for the nationals. We asked Kipper Williams for the inside scoop on doing a daily commission for the Guardian newsdesk and discovered why the funniest stories can also be the trickiest to turn into a …

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