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If you want to be a successful artist, then you need to get out there and get your work noticed. In this section, you can find articles and advice on the art of self-promotion.

Don't be shy, be seen

Once you’re set, perhaps with a website and definitely with a portfolio, you’ll need to have your work seen.

I am a little out of the loop, but on asking an agent they did recommend making appointments (as I did when starting out) with art directors, dropping off your folio with them or …

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Effective Self-Promotion For Artists And Designers

Whether you have just started out or have been going for some years, self-promotion is essential at all stages of building a commercial art, illustration or design business. At the start of your creative professional life you need to dedicate time and resources to target your market for your …

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Is seeking guidance advisable?

Setting up a creative business or as an arts practitioner can be problematic.

For most artists and designers, their business is entrepreneurial or innovative. They have often developed their own range of products or collections, or assembled a body of work in isolation from the wider market, whereas …

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Marketing Yourself as an Artist

We live in a market-led era, and thus it is important to adopt the appropriate skills.

Artists who wander on to stands at art fairs and say “Hello. Do you buy pictures at all?” are unlikely to succeed.

The well-worn caricature of the undisciplined, capricious, bohemian artist who would …

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Why should I register as self-employed?

After leaving art college, you may be unsure about what to do next. You may be apprehensive about taking the first steps in establishing yourself as a professional artist or designer.
If you are planning to undertake freelance work – namely where the person asking you to do the work expects you to …

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