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Identifying your audience

The first and foremost task of the artist is to create beautiful, thought-provoking art. However, an artist still has a product to sell; and that means you need to know your audience. Find advice and articles on how to do just that in this section.

Illustrating children's books

Creating graphic novels

Raymond Briggs has created many graphic novels and here he describes the process.

Book writers have such an easy time of it. They sit down, write their book and when they come to the end they send it off to the publisher. It might be long, it might be short, the …

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Illustrating in the Greeting Card Industry

The UK population spends more than £1.3 billion a year on greeting cards. Jakki Brown helps to guide artists to success in this fiercely competitive industry.

The UK greeting card industry leads the world on two counts – design and innovation and per capita send. On average people in the …

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Illustrating Non-Fiction Books

F Moffatt Portrait (c) Ben Benoliel

Freelance illustrator Frances Moffatt describes her route into professional non-fiction illustration and gives practical advice for aspiring illustrators on finding that first commission, and the process from contract to publication, and beyond...

The world of non-fiction books provides a wealth of …

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