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Killer Fiction Competition - Winners

Writing crime and thriller fiction

The time has come to announce the winners of our Killer Fiction competition - we've had an absolutely fantastic response, and choosing just one winner has been very difficult. With hundreds of stories of an extremely high standard, our judge and literary agent Diana Beaumont has had her work cut out trying to narrow down so many great entries. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work!

However, tough as they were, decisions have had to be made. So, without further ado, the three winning entries are...

The winner

Golden Hour by Bean Sawyer

Diana's feedback:

The writing is atmospheric and draws in the reader into this police procedural. The authors evokes feeling of a teenage girl out with her boyfriend and stuck in charge of her younger brother (and dog) well. It’s one of those nightmarish moments you could imagine – distracted for a moment and then the boy disappears while the couple are too wrapped up in each other. We are introduced to DCI Floyd (it might be good to make it …

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I Think, I Hope

Justine John

And so I’ve begun.  Begun to be a writer.  I think.  I hope.  I’ve got a manuscript.  I’ve got a mentor.  I’ve got a Twitter account. I’ve joined a writer’s group.  I’ve even got a pseudonym (titter).  And now I’ve got a blog! 

I still feel like a rookie though.  A novice.  A fledgling.  A beginner.  It’s even hard to call myself a ‘proper writer’ because I haven’t published anything. 

I’ve always written something – teenage poetry, industry articles, and good letters.  I wrote the first chapter of my novel long ago… before I had the story.  Before the ‘what’s it about?’ had revealed itself.

I am almost fifty now.  I’ve had a lot of jobs.  Good ones, and some of them well paid.  Some of them even satisfying.  I ran my own company for fifteen years, organising events.  I led a young, dynamic team and …

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Write Something That Affects the World

The GOODFRUIT literary contest

We often underestimate how the smallest things in our lives have the biggest impact.

When we talk of ‘making something of ourselves’ most of us feel like we need to have a special talent, skill or job. We underestimate what we’ve already got – our opinions, our experiences to date. So we just carry on as normal.

I believe everyone has something of worth to share. For me, I am the person I am today because of the things I’ve read and heard. I can’t put my finger on what it is about them. Maybe it’s the author’s story that touches me, the quality of the writing or maybe the thing I’m reading is just really relevant to that particular point in my life. But I’m thankful there are writers out that there that have impacted me so significantly.  

Writers like C.S. Lewis have succeeded in having that effect on millions of readers. But how did they make such a strong impact on culture and society through their literary works? A recent article I …

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Why You Should Write That Story

The most important thing a writer has is their story. At first, I thought it might be having the latest, all singing, all dancing writing program, or a neat writing desk with piles of colour-coded notes and no coffee rings or two day old bowls of crusty cereal. I even thought it might be the skill of being able to use words like floccinaucinihilipilification in a sentence without breaking a sweat, or having a lovely email from a lovely agent that quite liked your sample chapters. But it isn’t. (Although these things are still quite glorious.) The most important thing you have as a writer, is your story. That story. You know, that thing that won’t leave you alone. That project that you know, deep down, beneath all those grisly, foggy layers of doubt and ‘should I?’’s and ‘can I?’’s, can only be written in the way it needs to be written, by you. It’s that story that scares you, and probably excites you in equal measures, and that story that sometimes feels far, far …

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Beloved British Authors Share Summer Memories

Seaside memories

Have you ever felt yourself being transported away to the seaside through the pages of a book – back to special times spent with family on holidays you always hoped would last forever? The holidays themselves may not have, but you probably feel like the memories have and always will.  

According to the Family Holiday Association there’s a reason why. The charity that gives struggling British families a break recently published compelling research looking at the social, psychological and emotional benefits of a family holiday. This research showed half of Brits (49%) say their happiest memory is that of a holiday with their family and an overwhelming majority (55%) agree these holidays have given them happy memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

In the year of its 40th anniversary, the charity has launched a digital, interactive celebrity scrapbook full of inspiring #seasidememories donated by celebrities across Britain, including some of our …

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