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Why writers should embrace the digital age

New Writing North - Do It Yourself conference

For all the writers eagerly setting up their blogs and tweeting away to their readerships, there are just as many shuddering at the very thought of developing an ‘online presence’. Although some writers may find their occupation a lonely business, let’s face it – if you chose a job that involves sitting in a room on your own for a large part of the day, then you might not be the sort of person who really wants to do any engaging or, God forbid, promoting.

However, the benefits of entering the digital world could be more than just increased sales figures. In a traditional publishing set up you might once have felt that your work was done after submitting your manuscript. Embracing the opportunities technology has to offer, however, enables you to make positive choices about the direction your career can take, from finding an agent to crowdfunding your own book.

The publishing world is in flux. And New Writing North’s chief executive Claire Malcolm wants to inspire writers to …

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Be part of the story: how crowdfunding is revolutionising writing


There is no denying the impact the internet has had on our professional and private lives; entire industries have been forced to rethink the way in which they do business, and publishing is no exception. Back in the day, writing used to be a solitary exercise. Writers would retreat to a cabin in the woods somewhere, taking only their typewriter with them, and stay there until the job was done and their book was complete.

Not so today. With the advent of the internet and the proliferation of social media, you are never alone. This makes for a whole new creative process, but also a new way in which writers can fund their writing and make a living from their talent.

How publishing lost its way

The internet offered aspiring writers the opportunity to surpass the gatekeepers – to make their content available online to an audience of millions – but many of the important traditional processes were forgotten along the way. Processes such as editing, proofreading and cover design.

Here at

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Poetry Writing Tips from The London Magazine

The London Magazine

We put together some of our best writing tips and techniques. Whether you're an established writer or making your first foray into the world of poetry - we like to think these will be helpful to all poets. 

To write effective poetry you have to read loads of poems. Read contemporary poetry as well as poems from the great historic slipstream of verse. However, do not try to approximate the poetic forms and concerns of bygone epochs. Immerse yourself in the ways that contemporary poets are framing their work in terms of structure.  

Indeed, think of the word framing when you come to write. Think of the poem more as an assembly of language on the blank space of the page. It is up to you how and where you place your words. A collection of poems is like an exhibition of paintings set against the white walls of a gallery.

Writing poetry is always an exercise in the ultra-specificities of language. Abstraction and opacity are the enemies of good poetry. …

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Multiple Submissions - A Writer's View

Writing advice

Multiple submissions. Traditionally, agents don’t like them. But nowadays, most accept that aspiring writers make a practice of them. In all honesty, it’s unreasonable to expect otherwise. Given the sheer volume of submissions agents receive, it’s impossible for them to implement a quick turnaround. And given the number of rejections I, as a writer, am likely to receive on my journey towards representation, it could hold me back years if I waited for each submission to be considered one at a time. Multiple submissions it is, then, though I will always out of courtesy let an agent know I’m submitting elsewhere.

How many, exactly, constitutes multiple? Some people advocate playing the numbers game, believing that the largest outlay will bring in the greatest return. It isn’t uncommon for writers to submit to twenty agents at a time. (One writer I met recently had a business idea for block mailing query letters on behalf of aspiring authors to agents around the …

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My journey through the realm of self-publishing

Jonathan Taylor

I’d written my debut novel whilst going through treatment for cancer, which I was diagnosed with in 2012.  The idea, which came whilst on a family holiday to Florida back in 2010, had started to gather dust deep within an app on my iPad. This was the time! I thought. I’d read all the success stories of self-published authors and thought, Right that’s the way I’m going to go. How hard can it be?

While finishing the novel was quite a challenge, it turned out to only be the beginning when self-publishing. What do you do when you have finally completed that amazing journey of writing your book?

Formatting (ebook)

I knew I was going to self-publish it on the Amazon platform KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) but I needed to learn how. I started looking into how it all worked by watching YouTube clips and reading lots of different articles about how to self-publish. You can search for almost anything on these topics and there’s some great advice out there (be …

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