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My NaNoWriMo Journey: Week Three

I heard you should never tell anyone you’re writing a novel...

This November I’ve done just that and I’ve also admitted I’m trying to achieve it in four weeks.

Small talk for me now consists of the following:

“How’s the book going?”


“What happened to that other book you were writing?”

“Cough, cough, shuffle, shuffle”

It’s ok; I’ve spent so many hours writing I haven’t left the house often enough for the difficult conversations to get me down. And although I joke, my own personal cheerleading squad of family and friends does keep me motivated.

It also helps me stay in denial about what happens when I hit 50,000 words. Because 50,000 words does not a novel make. It’s not even a complete first draft. Once I’ve finished handing myself the ‘well done’ stickers, I need to get back on the laptop and write the other 20 – 50%. And after I’ve awarded myself the ‘you tried hard’ sticker, I need to take …

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NaNoWriMo Week 3: Ashley Newell

Ashley Newell

The Dreaded Week Three

 Word count for week two (day 21): 40,150

Words today: 2,839 – after not writing a single word in two days, I wasn’t going to bed (or writing this post) until I hit 40,000.

The Writing Process: Oh Week Three, I know thee well!

 Week three is where loose strands of hope come to die. It never fails that somewhere in week three, November gets demanding and the story stale. My wins throughout weeks one and two have come to an end. I was so proud of getting my few words in here and there, but alas, the day of no new words had to come eventually. In this case, it was two days. At least this time around it didn’t come as a surprise. My wordless two days were mostly because of real-life obligations, and so while my story lay suffering on the sidelines, I was actually very productive in the world that pays my mortgage. So still a November win even if it’s not officially a NaNo win!

The Story So Far: 

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An Agent Changes Everything

Sharon Sant

Despite what they would have you believe, most writers want an agent.  It can be argued, in these days of phenomenally successful self-publishers going it alone, that you don’t need one, but I think, deep down, the validation that signing with an agent brings still holds a powerful allure, even for those people. I tried to convince myself, during the early days of my career, that I didn’t need or want an agent. This belief began with a few rejections that I found so painful and damaging to my fragile ego that I resolved never to query again.  I didn’t need to be in the club, I told myself, I could dance all on my own outside and have a perfectly lovely time. In fact, my internal voice continued to babble, I have far more freedom to do whatever I like going it alone. Why would I want someone telling me what I can and cannot write? Why would I want someone imposing their own time restrictions on me? All those things may be true, but since signing with my agent, almost a …

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NaNoWriMo: Week Two

Shea Wong

(For this post, imagine swelling, inspirational music in the background. You can also imagine me in a Napoleon-style outfit, but the music should suffice.)

Okay, troops. We’ve battled first week panic. We’ve just finished second week issues – pacing, plot holes, the works. We’ve had some smooth sailing; some of us have even had moments of pure inspiration (mine is called ‘caffeine’), and have careened towards the 50K limit. Wherever you are, remember: the battle isn’t with each other, it’s with the page. 

The third week for me is the hardest – it’s make or break time. If I don’t end the week ahead of projected word count, I know I’ll be panicking, and that’s certainly not the frame of mind I want to be for the final seven days. At the same time, I never want to slap any old prose on the page for the sake of writing. Having spent the past two weeks thinking about these characters every waking moment, worrying about the danger I’m putting them in, and …

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NaNoWriMo: Week Two

Rachel Phipps

This week I have pretty much faced the idea that I floated last week that, because I did not do any sufficient planning for my novel, I’m not going to have anything like a novel written by midnight on November 30th. That is not to say that I won’t have 50,000 words written, though. And do you know what? I am actually quite happy with this realisation. Something that I pride myself on is that I’ve never missed a deadline for a (non-academic, I was a horror at school) piece of written work, and I’m always the one that yes, can get something to an editor when they ask last minute, so I’m not worried about not finishing. All my worries and insecurities about my writing going into NaNo this year thankfully seem to have slipped away.

The reason I wanted to take part in NaNoWriMo this year was to get writing again, to remind myself that I can actually write fiction as well as articles. This week I have really surprised myself. 

A bit first on what I am writing now. I was …

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