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I Made It Through Week Two

Week Two - how was it for you?

Frenetic. Work, friends, house hunting, daily word count plus the extra needed to try to make 30,000 by Friday made it a week of late nights and lots of coffee. I didn’t make 30,000 words by Friday, which has made me angry at myself. However, the pre-halfway point is always the hardest week. Every 1,000 words seem to add nothing to the overall word count. The trick is put the head down and grind on. I’m so glad this week is over.

I did have one very pleasant experience though: a revelation wrote itself. I’d been worrying over the plot twist that a particular character would introduce; I thought it wasn’t pivotal enough. I went to sleep thinking about it and dreamed that I’d worked out the problem and easily written the next 2000 words of the chapter. When I woke up, I couldn’t remember the solution and, of course, hadn’t actually written it. Frustrating. Working on the chapter later, however, my fingers typed out the …

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NaNoWriMo: Still Here

Week Two - how was it for you?

I’ve had better.

Um… So, this was a bad week to get a social life. I told myself I didn’t move 300 miles from home to sit in my room and eat Maltesers, so it seemed kind of justified.  

Okay, I admit it! I went to the pub four nights in a row. Although, one time I really did just have that one drink and another time was for the noble cause of Poetry!

I had to call in one of the three lifelines:

  • Dream Sequence
  • Gratuitous Sex Scene
  • Hallucinogenic Drugs Trip

I went for Dream Sequence. It actually does have relevance to the story at least. It’ll probably turn out to be a kind of flashback. It wasn’t just giant pink bunnies and the feeling of falling. I think I’ll save the surrealism for Hallucinogenic Drugs Trip.

Word count at the end of Week Two:

A paltry 18,238.

(With comma, to make it look longer.)

The average word count statistic: a source …

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NaNoWriMo Week Two: The Plot Thickens

Week Two - how was it for you?

NaNoWriMo is a challenge; Week Two presents its own special variations of that challenge.  If Week One is about just getting started then Week Two is about carrying the load when you realize, oof, OK, I’m keeping to my schedule despite everything but there’s three more weeks of this to go! 

Word count at the end of Week Two?

I’m writing this on the afternoon of November 14.  Since I work a full-time job (well, sort of, given the economy) I tend to write in the evenings.  My present word count is 30,649.  So I’m well ahead of the minimum.

Are you diligently keeping to a certain word count per day, or are you writing in longer sessions?

I think it’s important to understand something about “word count.” NaNoWriMo, for me, is about finishing.  I need that sense of accomplishment, because writing is a very subjective act.  Because of that it can be very easy to fall into the trap whose words play …

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NaNoWriMo & Me: Christopher Law's Second Week

Week Two - how was it for you?

It's been another good one. I've managed to completely resist the lure of television and mostly resist Facebook, although I'm going to spend tomorrow afternoon ruining my eyes catching up on my shows. I need to know what's happened in Homeland and The Big Bang Theory.

Word count at the end of Week Two: 

19,586, as of half-seven in the evening on Friday the 15th. I'm a little behind but I'm not too worried.

Are you diligently keeping to a certain word count per day, or are you writing in longer sessions?

It's fluctuating a little. On Wednesday I only managed a little over 1,100 but Tuesday produced 2,300 so things are balancing out quite well. I've got an almost free weekend ahead of me so I'm hoping to get in at least one long session and create a bit of a safety buffer for myself.

Any changes to your writing schedule/habits?

I'm a really boring person these days and I like my routines so there's been no change. I …

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Week Two - Reaching Midway

Week Two - how was it for you?

If you recall from my introductory blog, I prefer to write by hand when I create. The week began where I was achieving my word count, but my typing up was lagging behind.  By Tuesday I happily caught up, as my goal is to create and type on the same day.

Word count at the end of week two:


Are you diligently keeping to a certain word count per day or are you writing in longer sessions?

I am keeping to my planned word count per day.

Any change to your writing schedule/habits?

Yes, I am starting earlier in the morning.

Have you managed to incorporate both the romance and mystery in your story?

Yes, I think this is due to the variation of characters I have introduced.  Yet characters are not always the kind of people they outwardly depict, so this presents a challenge to me.

What was the best thing you wrote this week? And the most frustrating?

The best thing I wrote is the movement of the story as it progresses and I feel my protagonist is growing …

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