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Kayleigh Keam blog posts

5 Writing Tips for 2019

12 months in as an aspiring authoress I look back to the first tender weeks of my authorship journey – and give myself a little condescending tap on the head.

I think it’s sweet that I had intended on not only submitting a fully polished novel to competitions and awards, but that I would have found an agent and be well on the way to securing a publishing deal… in one year.

So how did the authoress get on? Where in the process is she now? Let’s skip forward to January 2019… 

I'm on chapter two.

Now let’s get a few things straight – this isn’t because I didn’t do the work, or I was lazy or gave up, far from it. I worked tirelessly, dedicating hours and hours to research, writing, reading, courses…

The past year has taught me a tremendous amount. Not least, the reason I got 15,000 words in to my children’s novel and SCRAPPED it all.

When I set myself a goal, I approach it with dogged focus and determination. I work strictly to a rule book that I create …

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Is Writing For TV the Same as Writing a Book?

‘I’ve written for children my whole career, writing a novel for children will be a piece of cake, right?’ WRONG.

I have been writing for CBeebies for nearly seven years now, scripts, sketches, poems, songs – you name it, I’ve written it. The turnover of writing at BBC Children’s is fast paced, relentless and absolutely I thrive off it!

I can chat your ear off about how to write a script for Elmo or a song about brushing your teeth, but writing a novel? I’m a complete newbie. 

Last year I decided to go part time and face a new writing challenge, my thought process being something along the lines of: I already write scripts for a living, writing a book is just the same but in a different format, let’s give this a go.

Wow. I did not anticipate the gear change. 

I did not anticipate how utterly lost I would feel in a world that I am supposedly so familiar with. 

But tell me I am not alone in this? There must be some writers out …

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Are You A 'Non-Writing' Writer?

Hands up if you’re one of those writers that doesn’t actually write.  

Be honest. You love the idea of writing, you follow writers on Instagram, you read about other people who write, maybe you subscribe to literary newsletters and websites like this one, but actually writing? You’ll get round to it. One day.

I am a writer who doesn’t write. At least, I was until very recently.

I was always envious of the ‘real’ writers I read about, people who never have their heads out of their work, dedicated to the core, passionate about storytelling and have something to show for it. 

The closest I came to this was as a five year old, proudly waiting to present my hand written story in show and tell… only for Karl from year two to point out that my protagonist changed gender from page to page. Needless to say, I kept my story to myself and didn't really write after that.

So last year I decided to do something about it. 

I set myself a …

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