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Authors, achieve more in 2017

Last year, the team at I_AM Self-Publishing created our first ever author goals worksheet, which we shared right here on, and it was the most popular piece of content we have ever created. This year, we have gone back to the drawing board, read up on the advice from top goal achievers and successful entrepreneurs, and put together a new 30-page guide and workbook – Author Goals: Your guide to achieving more  which you can download here.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” - Tony Robbins, bestselling author & entrepreneur

Why bestselling authors set goals

Writing, publishing and marketing a book well takes time and effort. The authors I know are busy people who often juggle this with their other work, as well as family and general life commitments. Also, as creatives, authors can sometimes have lots of ideas that pull them in lots of different directions, but struggle to …

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Top NaNoWriMo Tips

For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is a crazy writing project that happens every November, with the goal of getting authors (whether amateur or professional) to write an amazing 50,000 words in one month! That’s 1,667 words a day. Still in shock? Check out I_AM Self-Publishing’s Beginner’s Guide to NaNoWriMo here.

Author Ruth Livingstone, knows a thing or two about time management and productivity, which is something all authors struggle with. In fact, she has successfully completed NaNoWriMo five times! She has just published Walking The English Coast, which started life as a NaNoWriMo project and shares her top tips here.

1. Get a notebook

Label it with the name of your story, and keep it beside your keyboard. You’re going to need it.

2. Do any research you need in advance

In your notebook, write down notes on characters and locations, and, most importantly, write down a basic outline of your story. It’s a good idea to really get to know your characters …

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Top Self-Editing Tools: Spring Clean Your Manuscript

Spring Clean Your Manuscript w/ I_AM Self-Publishing

Spring is traditionally a time for refreshing, clearing out and cleaning up. What better time to give your manuscript a quick spruce by using some of these top self-editing tools...

Why Self-Edit?

All authors who want to improve their work should self-edit before starting work with a professional editor. This way, the manuscript will get into good shape very quickly, and the editor can be brought in after the basic errors are addressed - the type that you'd be the first to spot in someone else's work, but missed yourself because you've become so close to your work.

Top 3 Self-Editing Tools

These tools will help you to see your work afresh and clean up your manuscript in no time.

1. Word Frequency Counter & Phrase Frequency Counter (Free)

Most authors have a preference/dependence on certain words or phrases without realising it. In my work as an editor at I_AM Self-Publishing, I often find that particular words or phrases are repeated over and over throughout a …

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Writing Prompts Make You A Better Writer

Writing prompts

The Benefits of Writing Prompts

Building writing prompts into your writing routine will make you a better writer. Not only will writing prompts get the creative juices flowing, but they can also help you warm-up for a productive writing session and even enable you to develop a wider writing skill-set. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut or stick to what you know, but writing prompts are all about chucking you out of your comfort zone and getting you thinking and writing very quickly.

Writing prompts enable you to:

•   Explore new styles and content in a small, safe test environment. Try something new…

•   Be more creative as you are led by the prompts rather than any of your own ideas/preconceptions.

•   Focus and concentrate at a high level on a relatively short writing task.

Writing prompts as warm-ups

Mo Farrah doesn’t run marathons without warming up, Adele doesn’t take to the stage without warming up, so why …

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Set Your 2016 Author Goals

Goal setting can seem like an extra and optional job when you're busy overcoming the back-to-work blues, but it is an important exercise if you want to get the most out of 2016. The fact is that most people talk themselves out of goal setting. Either they are afraid of writing something down and then failing to achieve it or they don't know how to set proper goals in the first place. But those who do set goals are more successful. So whatever stage of the writing/publication process you are at - whether you want to finish your first draft this year, whether you want to get published this year or perhaps you are already published but want to grow your online presence - having a clear, structured goal will help you succeed in 2016.

Goal Setting Will Make You Achieve More

There is a famous study in What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School in which graduates were surveyed upon graduation and ten years afterwards; the few graduates who had set clear written goals …

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