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Sharon Sant blog posts

An Agent Changes Everything

Sharon Sant

Despite what they would have you believe, most writers want an agent.  It can be argued, in these days of phenomenally successful self-publishers going it alone, that you don’t need one, but I think, deep down, the validation that signing with an agent brings still holds a powerful allure, even for those people. I tried to convince myself, during the early days of my career, that I didn’t need or want an agent. This belief began with a few rejections that I found so painful and damaging to my fragile ego that I resolved never to query again.  I didn’t need to be in the club, I told myself, I could dance all on my own outside and have a perfectly lovely time. In fact, my internal voice continued to babble, I have far more freedom to do whatever I like going it alone. Why would I want someone telling me what I can and cannot write? Why would I want someone imposing their own time restrictions on me? All those things may be true, but since signing with my agent, almost a …

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The Key To NaNoWrimo Success

Sharon Sant

People who know me will point and laugh at the title of this blog post. Planning is not a word that features strongly in my vocabulary and I’m certainly not known for it. In life I tend to be quite spontaneous, often impulsive, and my writing frequently follows that ethos. This is not a problem for the most part (we all work differently, after all) but throw into the mix a time constraint, and that’s when my natural way of working becomes an issue. 

The first time I participated in NaNoWriMo I used it to write the last instalment in my young adult Sky Song trilogy. The first two books, Sky Song and The Young Moon, had already been written, and the overall story had progressed to a point at which the final book could only follow a certain path. In lieu of a plan, I had the denouement the previous two instalments had driven me towards and the last book, Not of Our Sky, almost wrote itself.  Page after page flashed by, the words tumbling out. How easy, I thought, is this …

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