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Festivals and Events

Find out information on the events we hold here at Writers & Artists, book festivals and publishing events, and important writing competitions for the aspiring author.

Writers & Artists at Bath Children's Literature Festival

Are you a writer of children's fiction? Love children's books? Then, we hope you're excited as we are for our events at Bath Children's Literature Festival this autumn! 

We're thrilled to be holding three events at this iconic festival. Below are details of what we've got lined up. We hope to see you there.

Writing Picture Books with Michelle Robinson

Monday 30th September 2.30-5.30pm

Join bestselling author Michelle Robinson for a masterclass on writing picture books. Bring along your ideas and get advice on developing great storylines, strong characters and perfecting your structure.

Come along to hear more about Michelle’s journey and get advice and tips to sharpen your technique and gaining more confidence to let your imagination fly.

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Writing Middle Grade with Lucy Strange 

Tuesday 1st October 2.30-5.30pm

If you’re writing fiction for children ages 8 – 12, join Lucy Strange as she guides you through the essential elements of the writing process. …

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Why Literary Festivals Need to be Both Accessible And Inclusive

Literary festivals are wonderful events where readers, authors and publishers come together to celebrate the world of books and reading. They help break down the barriers between the author and the reader, giving the reader an insight into the craft of writing. These experiences and conversations can make the dream of being an author that bit more real for aspiring writers, and drive them to complete that project that’s sitting on their computer. This experience should be open and inclusive of everyone – which is why literary festivals need to be both accessible to those of various backgrounds, but also inclusive, both in terms of the authors who are invited to attend and the staff who work at the festival.

It is a privilege to be able to attend the majority of literary festivals around the UK; they are often expensive, concentrated in particular areas of the country, and don't always have facilities that are universally accessible. This restriction of …

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The Joy of Reading

Are you suffering from Tsundoku? I know I am. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that if there’s a situation in modern life, the Germans or the Japanese will have a word for it. Tsundoku is the accumulation of reading material that you then don’t read. Also known as That Pile Of Books By The Bed.

The thing is about That Pile is every one of those books looked really enticing when you picked it up, but something about being in That Pile makes them turn into homework on a Sunday evening. Someone I know has wrapped their Pile in newspaper so it starts looking more intriguing again. I suggest dismantling it and redistributing the books around the house until it grows again. It will. 

Reading, generally, is often a ‘should’ activity rather than a pleasure. 

‘I should read more.’

‘I should read more literary books.’

‘I should read that book that someone recommended.’

‘If I want to be a good writer, I should read widely in my genre.’

I read for work, …

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What Is A Writer's Conference?

Linda Strachan, Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland discusses their exciting new conference ScotsWrite and what writers attending can expect...

The Society of Authors in Scotland has created what is expected to be one of the most exciting events in the 2017 writing calendar. ScotsWrite is a weekend conference for all writers at all stages in their writing life. 

But you may be wondering what is a conference for writers and why is it an exciting place to be?

There’s nothing quite like listening to someone speak passionately about the job they love, especially if they’re experts in their field. At ScotsWrite you can expect to hear from experts talking about writing and publishing, because that is what they do - but we think that’s not enough!

We know there are so many different kinds of writers out there, writing in a whole range of field from translation to poetry, from graphic novels to crime fiction, writing for children and young adults. So, we've brought together …

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Four Tips for Screenwriting Success by Julian Fellowes at the London Screenwriters' Festival

Julian Fellowes

The London Screenwriters’ Festival launched its 2016 edition in fine style last month as Oscar-winner Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) shared his experiences and insights with a packed house at Regent’s University in London. Bob Schultz took a look at some of the quotes from his talk, and the lessons to be derived from each:

“I Was That Fool”

Opportunity often comes in the disguise of a “Terrible Decision”. Early in his career, Fellowes was on a production that suddenly needed a lot of writing done on literally no budget. “What fool would do that?” came the question. The answer? Julian.

When you are trying to break in, your strategy must include a balance of short-term self-interest and long-term reputation. Are you a team-player, willing to put the production’s goals above your own (within reason)? What other forms of compensation can you devise if money is not an option?

The path from where you are to where you want to be is never a straight one. Taking a job that pays …

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