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Getting Published

Nearly every writer ultimately wants to get their work published – read these blogs for tips and tricks on how to make it happen, from the authors who've already done it and the experts in the industry.

Landing an Agent

Farheen Khan

So you’ve written your manuscript. You’ve edited the hell out of it, practically know it off by heart and the version number no longer reads ‘Final-V0.3123’. You may have let your close friends and family take a sneak peek and included their feedback, or you may have used a professional editor. Whatever the case, your novel is perfect and you’re finally ready to submit to an agent! Hurrah and well done on getting this far - I have no doubt it’s been tough! 

(I know the panic and second guessing that comes along with signing your manuscript off as ‘final’, but once you’ve made the decision, try and stick to it.)

So, what to do next?

1. Use the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook

Simple. Get organized! Buy the latest copy of the Writers' & Artists’ Yearbook and read it. Don’t just skip to the agent lists, read the tips, the interviews, notes and advice guidelines. This book will act as your bible for the next year and the articles are there to help you, give you …

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Writers and the Dreaded R-Word

Farheen Khan

No one likes rejection.

I’m not sure about you, but rejection leads me straight to the cookie tin. I’m not ashamed to admit I stay in there for a good twenty minutes, devouring as much sugar as humanly possible. In those moments, I am a savage and manage to recollect every rejection I’ve ever had (every short story submitted, agent rejection, all the jobs I’ve ever applied to, even the singing role I never landed in the school play). My mind, which can never remember anything useful when required, is suddenly able to recall lines of rejection letters (with vivid detail) received from universities ten years earlier. So, if I wasn’t already feeling like an insecure-useless-worthless-waste-of-space-failure-with-no-prospects, my mind has conjured up enough images to ensure that label remains.

As a writer of a novel being reviewed by publishers, it is near-impossible not to take rejections personally. When publishers say ‘we don’t sign many psychological thrillers’ my …

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The Right Ways To Monetise Your Content

Being a self-published or indie author is akin to running a small business; the problem is that some do not truly appreciate this fact. It’s easy to get embroiled in the creative process and then once this is finished to consider it ‘job done’. But this is only the start. And, as we will focus on in this two part blog, an often misunderstood but vital component within this small business to help maximise revenue streams and reach a wider audience is rights and licensing.

The reality is that monetising works can be difficult. Immediate obstacles appear to be marketing, PR and distribution - with all too many ignoring rights and licensing. And I don’t say this lightly. Our team have had all too many conversations with authors who:

  • a) Have no idea what rights and licensing actually means
  • b) Don’t know what rights they actually hold
  • c) Don’t realise how valuable they are
  • d) Fail to protect them, never mind monetise them

Not that it’s necessarily their fault. Historically, the …

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Be part of the story: how crowdfunding is revolutionising writing


There is no denying the impact the internet has had on our professional and private lives; entire industries have been forced to rethink the way in which they do business, and publishing is no exception. Back in the day, writing used to be a solitary exercise. Writers would retreat to a cabin in the woods somewhere, taking only their typewriter with them, and stay there until the job was done and their book was complete.

Not so today. With the advent of the internet and the proliferation of social media, you are never alone. This makes for a whole new creative process, but also a new way in which writers can fund their writing and make a living from their talent.

How publishing lost its way

The internet offered aspiring writers the opportunity to surpass the gatekeepers – to make their content available online to an audience of millions – but many of the important traditional processes were forgotten along the way. Processes such as editing, proofreading and cover design.

Here at

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Why now is a good time to be an author!

Alison Baverstock

It’s true. I think right now is a good time to be an author. Amid all the discussions about whether reading, let alone bookshops and publishers, will survive, it seems to me that there are so many opportunities – many completely new – through which ideas and content can be shared.

But with the enhanced ability to share comes responsibility – both to yourself and your readers. Writers need to be increasingly aware of the need to share their content at the right time – and that usually means not before it is ready. Sharing too soon, or with the wrong audience, can result in negative feedback that not only damages the writing self, but also the writing reputation – reducing the chance the someone who has been disappointed by your work will risk giving their time again.

Also part of the territory is a new need for proactivity on the part of the writer; an ability to take advantage of routes to market that reach readers who appreciate your kind of work, whether it’s through …

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