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Self Publishing

Self-publishing is no longer a last resort for authors facing endless rejections. With writers earning millions, hitting the bestseller lists and gaining traditional book deals all through self-publishing, it's now a real option for authors struggling to get their work out there. Read on for advice and tips on how you can become one of the success stories.

Authors, achieve more in 2017

Last year, the team at I_AM Self-Publishing created our first ever author goals worksheet, which we shared right here on, and it was the most popular piece of content we have ever created. This year, we have gone back to the drawing board, read up on the advice from top goal achievers and successful entrepreneurs, and put together a new 30-page guide and workbook – Author Goals: Your guide to achieving more  which you can download here.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” - Tony Robbins, bestselling author & entrepreneur

Why bestselling authors set goals

Writing, publishing and marketing a book well takes time and effort. The authors I know are busy people who often juggle this with their other work, as well as family and general life commitments. Also, as creatives, authors can sometimes have lots of ideas that pull them in lots of different directions, but struggle to …

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Publishing on my 50th Birthday

Justine Robinson

Ever since my early teens I have loved to write – journals, poetry, short stories. I’ve always been part of a book club or a creative writing group. In my early twenties, a magazine even published one of my first articles and I remember being paid £75 – quite a lot of money back then! In that moment of triumph, I recall giving thought to becoming a ‘proper’ writer.

‘Wouldn’t that be good?’

But it was an idea immediately followed by more realistic thoughts.

‘I already have a job as a PA. I can’t give that up. How would I pay the bills, keep my flat?’

So that was that. The writing was no more than a hobby.  Until my mid-forties, that is, when I felt the need to write about my father’s death. It was a time in which things just seemed to happen, a period of my life that felt almost fictional. The seed of a novel began to take hold and I didn't fight it. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I realised life’s just too-damn-short.

So I …

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Building Castles In The Air

The Shropshire Stalker by Nick Jones

Where the building you need for your plot doesn’t exist, build it yourself, says author Nick Jones.

For nearly 20 years I lived in central London, working as an architectural journalist. Buildings, you might say, are in my DNA (though I have to confess I feel no great affinity for the capital’s showy 21st century monoliths, such as The Shard or the Walkie-Talkie).

My latest novel is a psychological thriller set in rural Shropshire. It features some fine old buildings, many of them architectural gems, such as the 17th century black-and-white coaching inn in Ludlow, The Feathers Hotel. This small market town has been described by no less an authority than Sir John Betjeman as ‘probably the loveliest town in England.’ Last summer, I haunted its quaint narrow back streets to get the right atmosphere for the novel. Basic ground work like this – rather than internet research –  invariably pays off. I am always armed with a camera and a notebook.

The latter stages of my …

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Top Self-Editing Tools: Spring Clean Your Manuscript

Spring Clean Your Manuscript w/ I_AM Self-Publishing

Spring is traditionally a time for refreshing, clearing out and cleaning up. What better time to give your manuscript a quick spruce by using some of these top self-editing tools...

Why Self-Edit?

All authors who want to improve their work should self-edit before starting work with a professional editor. This way, the manuscript will get into good shape very quickly, and the editor can be brought in after the basic errors are addressed - the type that you'd be the first to spot in someone else's work, but missed yourself because you've become so close to your work.

Top 3 Self-Editing Tools

These tools will help you to see your work afresh and clean up your manuscript in no time.

1. Word Frequency Counter & Phrase Frequency Counter (Free)

Most authors have a preference/dependence on certain words or phrases without realising it. In my work as an editor at I_AM Self-Publishing, I often find that particular words or phrases are repeated over and over throughout a …

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Set Your 2016 Author Goals

Goal setting can seem like an extra and optional job when you're busy overcoming the back-to-work blues, but it is an important exercise if you want to get the most out of 2016. The fact is that most people talk themselves out of goal setting. Either they are afraid of writing something down and then failing to achieve it or they don't know how to set proper goals in the first place. But those who do set goals are more successful. So whatever stage of the writing/publication process you are at - whether you want to finish your first draft this year, whether you want to get published this year or perhaps you are already published but want to grow your online presence - having a clear, structured goal will help you succeed in 2016.

Goal Setting Will Make You Achieve More

There is a famous study in What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School in which graduates were surveyed upon graduation and ten years afterwards; the few graduates who had set clear written goals …

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