Community guidelines

We think the Writers & Artists community is rather special. Where else do you get to interact with people, just like you, at all the stages of the creative journey, as well as exploring our wealth of advice from industry professionals, trusted editors and leading literary agents, established writers and illustrators of every variety.

Elsewhere on the site you’ll have found free advice articles from writers, illustrators and/or publishing professionals, a range of editing services, and the chance to attend events and courses, but this is a section of the site reserved entirely for you: to share bits of work, ask questions, join groups of like-minded people and offer/receive support. Just sign in to your W&A account to join in, but please do so with our community guidelines in mind:

Good behaviour: How to get the best Writers & Artists experience

  1. Get involved
     There’ll be someone out there who’ll benefit from your experience, knowledge and opinion, so don’t be afraid to share (providing facts and details where possible.)

  2. Be constructive
     If something doesn’t work for you then be specific… but also be mindful of the other person and try to provide suggestions that will help – in your opinion – improve the piece.

  3. Be a decent human being
     We are a diverse community of people with diverse opinions. Speaking to and about people with respect means that everyone feels free to have their say.

  4. strong>Likes and dislikes
    If you see a comment that resonates with you, feel free give it a thumbs-up. You can also recommend content across the site – from shared works to discussions – with other community members. On the other hand, if you see abusive content or material that violates these guidelines, click the report button to alert W&A Admin.

  5. Stay safe
    Be wise about the personal information you share when you’re using publicly accessible parts of the website. There are also various functions on Writers & Artists that allow other users to view all your public contributions and reviews in one list, including in the public view of your profile page.

Wayward: How to get yourself struck off our Christmas card list

  1. Speak from experience
    If you’re sharing an experience about a self-publishing provider, editorial consultancy etc., please only write reviews based on your own personal experience and only submit content that you know to be accurate and fair.

  2. Don’t fake it
    Setting up and using a fake profile to submit content, especially to promote your own business or criticise another, is absolutely not permitted. If you misrepresent who you are, claim false credentials or expertise, give potentially harmful advice or mislead people in any other way, you could be breaking the law – take a look at ‘7. Keeping it legal’ – below.

  3. Keep the peace
    Writers & Artists is not the place for threats, personal attacks, aggressive comments or hateful, bigoted or racist speech. We are a community of people with diverse beliefs, opinions and backgrounds, so please be respectful.

  4. Don’t talk dirty
    We want to keep things clean, which means no vulgar comments, no sexually explicit language or images and no lewd propositions. Also, please don’t write entirely in CAPS – it may be big, but it’s not clever.

  5. No spam
    Advertising references found in shared works, groups, discussions, comments or any other areas of the site will be deleted immediately and users in question will be contacted by Admin. It is not permitted to post links, HTML, provide phone numbers, email addresses or to provide information that is unrelated to the topic in order to solicit personal or financial gain. It’s also forbidden to send bulk messages or submit any other unauthorised content with the purpose of promoting your business or product.

  6. No cheating
    Our Rewards Point system is there to recognise and reward community members. Creating multiple accounts, posting content for the sole purpose of gaining points, soliciting others for points and posting irrelevant or blank content in an effort to be the first to review are all ways of cheating and will be penalised.

  7. Keeping it legal
    We don’t want to call in the boys in blue, so make sure you don’t break the law by:

  • submitting fake reviews or paying someone to submit content that benefits your business

  • copying other people’s content without permission or proper attribution – please be aware of copyright laws

  • scamming people into sharing personal information

  • stealing or borrowing anything from Writers & Artists or other sites (like copyright or trademark material)

  • breaking or hacking into private unauthorised places, especially if it’s with the intention of causing harm or stealing information

  • threatening, slandering, making libellous statements, harassing, invading people’s privacy or impersonating others

We are committed to doing everything we can to protect Writers & Artists from fraudulent activity. On the rare occasion that we do find bogus content, spam, or submissions from fraudulent profiles, we remove them immediately and take steps to ensure that the businesses and users in question are penalised in our rankings on Writers & Artists.

If you are a business owner, commissioning reviews violates the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD), and the UK’s implementation of the UCPD. This means companies and sole traders cannot pay someone else to post reviews or write blogs about their own companies without fully disclosing the fact. Both civil and criminal penalties are possible.

When we have to step in: Writers & Artists does not edit the content of comments or other user-generated content on the site. However, we reserve the right to remove content that we determine to be inappropriate and/or in violation of the Writers & Artists community guidelines or the terms of use. Depending on the level of offence, violating the community guidelines may result in the termination of your Writers & Artists account without warning, and the passing of any information to the police.

These community guidelines were written with the best interests of the Writers & Artists community in mind. If you have any additional suggestions on how to improve them, or any other feedback, please send us an email at with the subject line ‘Community’. We’re always looking for ways to improve our offerings so we’d love to hear from you!