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  • 5 Answers
    This may sound like a flippant question but it isn't

    Hello all, this may sound silly but these days everyone (especially tv adds) say "for free" The reason I ask is, have I had it wrong all my life that if something is free, then we say "this is free" and not this is for free. Otherwise we we would need a bag of "frees" Or did my parents and teachers guide me incorrectly. The other question is, do I now... read more

    by: Paul Garside | 5 days ago

  • 3 Answers
    Listing searches by genre - effing hopeless?

    Trying to compile a list of agents that represent fantasy novels, but a search on the listings for Agents+ Fantasy+ brings up everything because agents that aren't interested in fantasy stick "no fantasy" into their descriptions and the ones that are say things like "interested in fantasy". Short of trying to exclude every possible version of "no... read more

    by: Philip Suggars | 6 days ago

  • 5 Answers
    Deciding the genre to write?

    Hi everyone, Recently I have been trying to write my own story but things haven't been so easy. I find myself starting a project, growing bored of it, and starting a new project. I've noticed that I keep switching my projects because of the genre. So far I have started four different projects and they have been in the genres - horror, contemporary... read more

    by: David Castanho | 1 week ago

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