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Recently shared works

Let's Play
by Boyan Botev
1st July 2022

“Hi guys and welcome to another episode of Gavin plays Minecraft and today, guys, we’re going to be expanding our farm, but first we want to get...

Forest on the Moon (first few pages)
by Eric St. Pierre
25th June 2022
Mrs. Gray put the lights out several hours ago, Nell thinks. She’s nearly sure of it because she has counted constellations and their stars several...
The Children of Manu
by Darryl Fry
25th June 2022

---Chapter One--- The Boy On Diamond Island pebbles in the streams cry tears of blood, running red past fields of green and ghosts of soldiers in...

Writing Calendar Competitions

Oxford Poetry Prize
Oxford Poetry is pleased to announce the inaugural Oxford Poetry Prize, to be awarded for a single poem in the English language.
Hastings Literary Festival - Poetry Competition
Poetry Competition 
 Cash prizes. 
 Bursaries for entry cost. 
 Closing date: 31/07/22 
 Full details at https://www.hastingslitfest.org/competitions
Hastings Literary Festival - Short Story Competition
Short Story Competition up to 2500 words on any subject. 
 Cash prizes.
 Bursaries avaiable. 
 Full details at https://www.hastingslitfest.org/competitions
BlackInk Writing Competition
Deadline -
Serendipity and Writing East Midlands are looking for creative writers from the African and African Caribbean Diaspora to submit short stories for BlackInk’s Writing Competition.