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How do you back up your work?

How do you back up your work?

I back up my work on 2 laptops, 2 external drives and 3 memory sticks.

My manuscriopt has also been backed up at various times in its development with the UK Copyright Service and the US Copyright Service.

I do not trust online storage facilities.

Asked by: Adrian Sroka

  1. Paul Garside 1 week ago

    Hello Adrian, I hope you are well. I use the cloud, dropbox, icloud, external drive and there is another one of the aether storage systems I use but I can't for the life of me bring the name to mind. I think, that like you, I have at the back of my mind my laptop might either be stolen or barke with no way of retrieving everything. I think if you are doing what you are you are covered. Do you think we worry too much, I think it is my age, my daughters never seem to back up anything beyond the device they use. Absolute confidence, oh to be young and have that confidence again.
    Regards Paul

  2. Jeremy Gavins 1 week ago

    Hey, don't get my back up on how I do my back up!

    Years ago I stored a load of photos on a memory stick. OK, I thought.But after a couple of years when I went to retrieve them the stick had given up working.

    Now I use various sticks, separate hard drives, and paper

    E-mails is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that.

    I don't like the sound of using the cloud, as where I live clouds drop their
    rain indiscriminately and sometimes disappear completely.

  3. K L Mason 2 weeks ago

    I do it a few ways

    Keeping it on paper draft (trying my hardest not to misplace that or lose it)
    Sending the Microsoft draft to myself by email then I have it all the time
    Taking pictures of the page through my phone

    Just some ideas x


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