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Crime Club in Cornwall

I'm thinking about setting up a regular 'Crime Club' in the Falmouth area...maybe just to get together with other crime readers and writers and talk about related stuff...and maybe I can offer some practical help too. Look forward to hearing from you if you're interested. I'm a published crime writer and feeling a little isolated so would welcome the chance to meet up. Thanks x

Asked by: Marina Pascoe

  1. Jozef Kato on August 12, 2017

    So pleasurable Marina Pascoe

  2. Marina Pascoe on August 6, 2017

    Thank you, Patrick...yes - it's a shame, where are they all?😕

  3. Patrick Murphy on August 6, 2017

    Marina, it appears that all the crime readers and writers have mysteriously disappeared, perhaps you really need to investigate and write down your findings, Cornwall is a most weird and strange place. Check out the old tin mines. Good luck to your search.


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