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Purchasing writing guides.

I’m looking at two books, Chikdrens Writers and Artists Yearbook or Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market. I’m in the USA, does the first book contain much information in relation to writing and publishing within the USA or is it more British based? Thanks!

Asked by: Amanda Senior

  1. Edward Richardson on October 21, 2017

    I see no one has replied to your request for information – so here goes!

    The books you mention are based in the UK and therefore are aimed at the UK market. There may be some reference to outlets ‘abroad’ but not many. You indicated you are based in the States so will be aware of ‘Writer’s Digest’.

    It is an obvious point, but whatever country you are aiming your work at, you will need the reference books for that country. In countries without any published reference books you need to find writer’s groups who may be prepared to advise you.

    The biggest difficulty I have found in writing for another country is the language problem – the major ‘world-wide’ languages such as French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese all have differences when spoken (and written) away from their native base. As a writer aiming at another country, you need to know these differences (or at least have someone who can do the ‘local translation’ for you).

    A simple example is the ‘Railroad Crossing’ in the USA is a ‘Railway Crossing’ in Canada (and in the British Isles, India, Australia and New Zealand) – so beware!

    All this isn’t much, but I hope it is of some assistance.

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