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Setting up a W & A blog

I may not be the first person to ask this question, but how does one set up a blog on W&A? I've been trawling the website but cannot find any relevant links which enable one to do so.

Asked by: Ralph Cutting

  1. Ralph Cutting on October 14, 2017

    Thanks to all for replying to my query. Indeed, I already write a seminal WP blog under my pseudonym in which I share verse I have self-published, or will do so in future volumes. Carry on as normal, then!

  2. Annie Faux-Pas on October 11, 2017

    WordPress is really good and quite easy to use. There are lots of tutorials on u-tube for the technical stuff. I did some blogging a while back but other commitments got in the way. Grrr. Well worth a shot. It's not too technical though.

  3. Helen Jones on October 9, 2017

    Hi Ralph,

    As far as I know, any blog posts on here have to be approved by W&A Admin (that was certainly the case with the posts I submitted).

    If you want to start a blog, I can recommend WordPress as a platform - I've been blogging with them for the past three years and find it easy to use, as well as a wonderful community.

    Hope that helps


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