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Photographs in a book

When finding an agent and sending the appropriate material, does one include photographs at this stage, or later on if the novel is accepted?

Asked by: Bernadette Ekberg

  1. Bernadette Ekberg 3 weeks ago

    Thank you, once I get that far,I shall do that. I realise this maybe a novelette, not sure at this stage, however you are right it is non fiction, I didnt make that clear when asking my question.

  2. Lorraine Swoboda 3 weeks ago

    If the photos are an integral part of the book, even if you're only sending the first three chapters it would help to send a sample of the photos too.
    The term 'novel' usually refers to fiction, by the way; make sure the agent deals in non-fiction too, which is what I think you said yours is.


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