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I am writing a non fiction novel, and do not think my foreign married name would suit as a writer I would like to use my married name with a twist, is this allowed? if one may use a peusdonym, is it allowed to use it in the first instance or use your own name and revert to the "new name" later on ?
Thank you for some advice.

Asked by: Bernadette Ekberg

  1. Bernadette Ekberg on November 28, 2017

    Thank you so much I will give my pseudonym from the begining, to save confusion.I have to get that far first!

  2. Lorraine Swoboda on November 27, 2017

    You can write under whatever name you choose, Bernadette. I stuck with my married name after initially thinking it was not quite right for a novel, because it is nevertheless who I consider myself to be now, and it would feel odd to change it.

    However, if you were to change the author's name when the book has already been published under a pseudonym, that would be a different matter; a book is registered as an entity exactly as it is published. To change a cover, for instance, would require a new edition with a different ISBN number. The problem would be if there were two versions of the book on sale at the same time under different names: that would be confusing for all concerned. As far as I can see, you would have to withdraw the first version, and make it clear that this is a re-issue of that book under your own name.

    Sometimes an author will re-issue a book under a different title, and readers see it as a con when they buy it thinking it's new, only to find they've read it. That causes bad feeling between readership and author, so should be avoided in whatever form the substitution takes. Should you decided to go with one name and then change it later, I'd advise you to get professional advice, to be certain of the legalities.

    Hope this helps.


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