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Title problems

When I first started my novel I had temporarily named it 'Love is a Bonfire''

Love is a Bonfire' is relevant because its a quote from the protagonist's dead mother, her last words before she died. But after a while I personally felt this as a title sounded pretentious.

'The Good Witch, Film stars, and Butterflies' was another title I came up with.
The obvious problem with this one for me was the length, and it's not very catchy. But each one of those things represents one of the three main characters of the book, so to me its become a bit more sentimental.

Are both titles atrocious? Or what would people's first impression be from either of those titles?

Or is it back to the drawing board >< ?

Asked by: Amy Mager

  1. ELSIE BYRON on November 28, 2017

    Hi Amy. I'm rubbish at coming up with titles so I asked the very same question several days ago under the posting 'What is expected in a title?' I had some really good feed-back on it so if you find this post you could read what others have advised. I actually put a tiny bit of what the story-line was about in my question to give a vague idea of the content. You will probably get some input from others but it might be worth having a peep at the answers I was given. Hope this helps.


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