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Transferring hand-written content to computer

I have written the bulk of a non-fiction, self help book by hand. It contains tables, charts, graphs , images as well as text. I want to hire someone to transfer this content onto a computer and help with the graphics and layout (Ideally in person)

Question: Do I just look for a generic “office PA” or are there resources / people specifically for writers who can help carry out the physical act of typing and laying the content out on a computer?

Thank you

Asked by: Ailon Freedman

  1. Edward Richardson on December 24, 2017


    Have you considered putting an advert in a local newspaper? People on maternity leave can often find such work useful.

    If you do not type, have you thought (for the future?) of something like 'Dragon Naturally Speaking'? That will put youi spoken words into typewritten style.

    Edward Richardson

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