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Hello All
I'm a total novice here and not sure how this works.......I've just put a short story on the site for people to review if they'd like to. Is that OK? Can I see examples of other's work ..and if so where. Big apols for being techno thickie.


  1. MARGUERITA MCNALLY on December 3, 2017

    Thanks so much for responding! Cheers.

  2. ELSIE BYRON on December 1, 2017

    Hi Marguerita you click on 'view shared work' to read other people's work and as Vicky said you click on 'save' to upload your own work. If you need to know anything about writing, editing etc click on 'advice' on the red bar at the top of the page, it's loaded with information. Hope this helps.

  3. Annie Faux-Pas on November 30, 2017

    As far as I know we get to upload our work in the "shared work" area for people to read if they want to.

    There are so many writers with different genres and formats. I think we just upload our stuff and see what the feedback is. Sometimes people respond, sometimes they don't but it's a step forward.


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