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Confused about self publishing agencies.

Hi all. I'm getting a bit confused about the self publishing information I'm reading. I was under the impression that to self publish is not the best thing to do. You pay too much money out and get hardly anything back. But in a back post and also in Adrian's last one it seems that Amazon is ok. Is Amazon a self publishing agency? And if it is ok, why is it different from the other ones?


  1. ELSIE BYRON on December 6, 2017

    Thank you Jeremy it sounds like you've got it all in hand. Hope everything goes well for you and you get the sales for your novel that you've worked hard for.

  2. Jeremy Gavins on December 6, 2017

    I have had many rejections from agents and publishers and quite honestly I am not going to sit around for years just waiting to give 85% of any income away to A's and P's.

    I am going down the self publishing route with the help of York Publishing Services. I did a lot of research before plumping for YPS. They offer a pick and mix service so you can choose what to pay for. I will not have to pay for anything until asked to pay for half the costs of editing, printing, formatting, supplies of proofs. All the books produced will be published under my name to give away or sell as YPS do not take any royalties

    Because of my various mental health problems, I am going to use their distribution service, and may pay for some marketing.

    Because my book is a memoir and am probably not likely to write another book (though who knows?) I am not expecting huge sales.

    I have had a huge boost to my marketing in that I have recently done an LGBT Buzzfeed interview, which lead to a statement of a sort of apology by the Royal College of Psychiatry for what was done to me 45 years ago, which forms the basis for the book. My face is all over Facebook and Twitter. At present I have a list of about 200 people wanting to buy the book.

    Good luck in getting your book published whichever route you go down.

    I know I will have to do lots of marketing but

  3. ELSIE BYRON on December 5, 2017

    Hi Lorraine. Good grief there's a lot more to this self publishing thing than I thought! What a lot of hard work and money it takes. It definitely isn't the easiest option that's for sure. Every reply has opened my eyes to something else and it's really surprised me. Thank you for the learning curve.

  4. Lorraine Swoboda on December 4, 2017

    The other things you will need to pay for if self-pubbing are editing - absolutely essential! - and proof-reading - ditto- and a cover. What you pay for the cover depends on whether you want it bespoke or off the shelf. You'll find stock images everywhere on Amazon: all those long trailing (historically incorrect) red skirts, and the same models, or heads cut off so you can't see they're the same models... It's entirely up to you how you much you want to pay.

    The difference is between self publishing, where you manage the whole thing (or pay people to do it for you), and Vanity Publishing, where an external company will take on your book at a price, which will not only cover all their costs, but will guarantee them a profit upfront. They will not necessarily provide you with good editing, if they do any at all, but they may supply the cover and will do the formatting; they will not have a budget for publicity and will expect you to do that yourself unless they really think your book is going to earn them lots of money. So in the end, you are better off paying for your own book, done under your control - unless you can find an agent and a good publishing house, in which case you are a very lucky writer!

    Be aware that most writers do not make much money out of their craft. You have to have a lot of books out there and you need to shout about them as loud and as often as you can (though without annoying people - it's a fine line!) in order to garner sales. That's what you have to put in the balance against costs, whether your own or a VP's. (Let' not get into the question of giving your work away for free - a lot of readers would love that, but you'd starve to death as a result!)

    Like Marlon, I have self-published my book. I joined numerous FB groups of various sorts, and I have my own FB page, but I don't expect sales to be high, and I'm deliberately not spending out on advertising (not that I have any cash!) until the next book is due out. I've got great reviews, but it comes down to a reader browsing the relevant Amazon section and deciding to take a punt on a novel by an author they've never heard of. I don't want to put you off at all - I'm so pleased I self-published, even if I did age ten years in the process, not being the most computer-literate of people. (Dropped capitals are good in Createspace. They are not good on Kindle.) The alternative was to spend a lot of time subbing to a lot of agents who would take time to consider the book, which could have been out there earning its keep in the meanwhile. I'm really not a good supplicant for crumbs!

    Anyway, a long answer, but I hope it helps!

  5. ELSIE BYRON on December 4, 2017

    Hi Marlon. Thanks for your input I'm learning a lot from this. I don't think I'll be going down the self publishing route if I ever get to that point.


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