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Short story techniques?

Hi :D
I'm actually in the process of editing my novel, so I am not a short story writer.
But, while being a member of this website, I think its best to take part in competitions, and try and challenge my writing skills.
Problem is.... I'm stumped with writing a short story. I'm so used to creating long winded, complicated narratives.

Does any one have any techniques for short story writing?
Is it best for it to be a story with a definite ending, or should it allude to a fuller story?
Should it be about one simple theme?

I'm just a bit stuck with the whole thing, where do I start?

Thank you!!

Asked by: Amy Mager

  1. Andrew Newall 6 days ago

    Try an exercise and take one of the "long winded, complicated narratives" and try to see if you can get the same feel for it in 3000 words instead of novel length.

  2. Adrian Sroka 1 week ago

    I suggest you hunt down a copy of,

    Write the Short Short - Maren Elwood. (For writers of the Short Story).

    Maren Elwood taught creative writing. Some of her advice is dated, but there is so much to learn from her.

  3. ELSIE BYRON 1 week ago

    Hi Amy. I'm the same as you. I can write chapter after chapter but am really stumped when it comes to short stories. I noticed though, if you go the red tool bar at the top of the page and click on Advice, it has a section on there about how to write short stories. Hope this helps Elsie.


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