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WW1 memoirs

I wonder if anyone can help or offer advice. My wife has a small suitcase from her grandfather who served as an officer during WW1 and later in Palestine (as it was then). In the suitcase is a typed manuscript of his military career, together with a considerable amount of memorabilia including his diaries on which much of the manuscript is based. The manuscript itself is nearly 500 pages of typed notes from the 1970's, dictated to a secretary who then transcribed them. My wife is wondering whether this manuscript could be of interest to a publisher, or if it is publishable by ourselves perhaps, after editing. We have no idea how many accounts there are of WW1 from the front line, but we imagine someone will have a great deal more insight into this matter than us.

We would love to hear from anyone who might have advice. I am capable of turning the manuscript into a readable book, but have not written for many years and am therefore out of touch with current publishing trends. All advice will be very gratefully received.

Asked by: Roddy Hays

  1. Roddy Hays on January 9, 2018

    Thank you Jonathan - I shall drop them a line.

  2. Jonathan Hopkins on January 9, 2018

    Military diaries seem to be ever-popular, particularly if the protagonist was involved in a famous, controversial or rarely-covered event. Pen & Sword even advertise for proposals, so it may be worth contacting them

    Best of luck!


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