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Fake publishers

I wonder if it would be possible to collect a list of so-called publishers that are scams. There are many firms that our clients have reported to us who pretend to consider a manuscript as if they were publishers, then they tell the author that the book deserves to be published but there is no room on their list, but if the author covers 'some' costs the alleged publisher will publish the work and promote it?

The costs are often double what a reputable agency would charge and there is no promotion at all.

If you have any examples can you email me: Cherry Mosteshar at so I can look into them with a view to writing an article and publishing a 'warning list' for authors.

Asked by: Cherry Mosteshar

  1. ELSIE BYRON on February 11, 2018

    Hi Cherry. Can't believe there are such unscrupulous people out there. It must be awful feeling you've actually achieved your goal just to find out someone's scammed you. I'll definitely remember the names of these sites. Good idea the 'warning list' keep going.

  2. Linda Daunter on February 10, 2018

    Hi Cherry,
    The Writer Beware website is very good:

    It not only has names of known scammers but also explains some of the methods these people use to lure unsuspecting writers and what to watch out for.


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