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Kickback Media Competition


I have a question about the Kickback Media competition and wondered who is best to email?

If the best place to ask the question is here then I'll pose my question(s) now!

- Is the 2,000 word a guide or do you have to write as close to that as possible? My scene is currently 1,700 words...

- The guidelines state to set the scene in a world that isn't purely naturalistic - my scene is dystopian fantasy - is this okay?


Asked by: Rebecca Perkin

  1. Wilhelmina Lyre on July 13, 2018

    I've read Jimmy's first draught and it's good stuff!

    Good luck to both of you!

  2. Admin on July 12, 2018


    Kickback Media are administering the competition entries so unfortunately I don't think we'll have the capacity to highlight every story (depending on the number of entries!) however the winner and the 9 Commended Submissions shall certainly be featured on the website.

    Best of luck to you both!

    W&A Admin

  3. Jimmy Hollis I Dickson on July 11, 2018

    Hello, Rebecca!

    Looking forward to reading your dystopian fantasy. (Admin: do we get to read them all?)

    I've got the opposite problem. I counted on including a few more paragraphs when I happened to check my word counter. 1,997!!!

    So, in the next few months, I've got to hone it down - as well as spice it up! - in order to get those (rather necessary) extra paragraphs in.

    Mine's a wacky saga / humorous, heroic quest.

    It contains an egret, a dragon, and a wartdog (NOT a typo). Also a cello-playing chimpanzee in a minor key.

    Best of luck!

    p.s. A word of advice: The remit calls for a 2,000-word FRAGMENT of a longer piece, these 2,000 meant to whet the appetite of the reader (ca 10yo), and make them eager for more! If even you can't drum up your own enthusiasm for more than 1,700 words, how do you expect the reader to want more? Obviously, not having read your ms, I can't evaluate its "grab your attention" level. But you do see what I'm saying, don't you? Try to add ca 300 words (not padding quality!).

  4. Admin on July 9, 2018

    Hi Rebecca,

    The 2000 words is a guideline, however if you feel you've done all you can in your story, then an entry will of course be accepted at a slightly lower word count.

    Yes, a dystopian fantasy setting is absolutely fine.

    Best of luck with the competition!

    Writers & Artists

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