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Could you PLEASE add a "report this user" button on Q&As which sounds an immediate alarm bell in your office?!

I spent about 15 minutes typing a reply to someone's question. When I returned to the W&As, some ARSEHOLE - "user" name Khan Ji - had posted SIXTY "questions", all advertisements for "services" which have NOTHING to do with this site!

SIXTY!!! In just 1/4 hour!

Spam is one thing: a spam tsunami is something else.

Now we have to go back to page 7 to read bona fide Qs! Unless Khan Ji has struck again and it's page 24...

Asked by: Emilie Van Damm

  1. Admin on July 12, 2018

    Hi Emilie,

    Thanks for your message. Completely understand how frustrating it is for the user, as well as ourselves. We have to manually remove each comment, as the current website functionality is creaking and we don't have the ability to remove comments all at once. They've now all been removed and the user blocked and deleted.

    This is (and will continue to be) a free-to-access site, but there's not much that can be done on the current platform if someone wants to create an account and post erroneously. We contact the account creator and remove the posts every time. Obviously the developers of the new website are well aware of the issue and looking at preventative measures. We've included a new Report functionality which will ensure that no spam tsunamis will be possible in the future!

    For now, it's unfortunately a case of a quick eye and even quicker reactions. For a small team of only 2, we do our best to act quickly and remove this so you can all continue talking all things writing and wonderful!

    All best,
    W&A Admin


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