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Hi Admin. I realise you're working on the site given a load of spam disappeared a minute or two ago, but the anti-robot tick-box hovers just under the 'send' button on my screen, so when attempting to reply to posts they don't actually send, just disappear. That gets a bit of a pain when they've taken a couple of minutes to write :(

Asked by: Jonathan Hopkins

  1. Admin on September 14, 2018

    Morning Jonathan,

    Thanks for this. We actually experienced the same issue in testing the reCAPTCHA selection across the live site... and the solution is all to do with browser caching.

    The development team have put a 'cache bust' fix in place, but you can also go ahead and clear your cache in the browser you are using. This will enable your browser to catch up with the change (the introduction of reCAPTCHA) made across the site.

    Hope this helps, and rest assured we're keeping an eye on the spam accounts/posts.


    W&A Admin


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