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Good morning community,

I have just registered with Arvon and created an account. Has anyone been to one of these writing retreats before?

It looks like a fantastic place to really bring your ideas out and get them down on paper, while basking in the atmosphere and support of people with equal interests. I was just curious.

Thank you

Asked by: David Constantine

  1. Admin on November 5, 2018

    Hi David,

    We're really sorry to hear of your frustration with the spamming - we are too! We have implemented security measures which have been successful in significantly reducing the amount of spam seen across the site. Nevertheless, there are a couple of accounts which keep slipping through the net, so we are still working with our web developers to find the cause of this issue and to fully prevent this. We appreciate your patience as a valued writer of our writing community.

    In regards to Arvon, we work with them as they offer a prize for our annual short story writing competition, so this may be worth checking out if you're interested in winning a place on one of their retreats:

    All best,
    W&A Admin

  2. David Constantine on November 5, 2018

    This spamming has to stop. I am strongly considering leaving this website.


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