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Writers Event

I'm not sure if this is allowed, or something that should technically be made by the writers and artists team, but wouldn't it be great if we had a free event for us writers to meet up and chat?

I actually went to a 'How to Hook an Agent' event a few years ago which was very useful in terms of understanding the industry. But the most inspirational thing about it was getting to talk to all of these writers of different ages and genres afterwards. Talking about each others work made us all motivated to go home and write more.

I read a lot of questions on this site, and its nice to see that people are willing to help each other out, but part of me thinks that most of us are at home, smashing our heads against our laptops, wondering how to keep motivated; most of us probably don't have many friends that are also writers, and its very lonely work.

Sometimes all you need to be motivated is to talk to someone who gets what you're going through; and someone who's also creative so is used to coming up with ideas.

I think it would be great if there was a location, even if its just a pub in London, or somewhere, for writers to get together for a few hours, bounce off of one another, talk about what their working on, what their struggling with, and we'll actually find a community that isn't just on a screen.

I'm not sure how this would be made possible, but what do people think?

Asked by: Amy Mager

  1. Roslyn Renwick on January 4, 2019

    I've organised small writers' events since I was a teen. I've also attended such events. I was a stand up poet, and can attest that they do indeed help you keep the work flowing. The sort you want aren't the "workshops" which libraries tend to host, but the sort I'm talking about, where folk come together to discuss their work, snags etc, and pool their tips. Generally, they're a socialising event.. And yes, they're usually in pubs and cafes. If you don't know of any, then why not advertise and start one in a pub or cafe of your choice? It's a good time of year, as this is a quiet time for pubs, so they will be only too glad of the chance to get a few punters in, especially ones with the kudos of being writers.

  2. Admin on January 3, 2019

    Hi Amy,

    This is a lovely idea and definitely something that we would encourage. Off the back of our events and writing courses, we've been so pleased to hear from attendees that they've gone away to create their own writing and critique groups with fellow attendees met at these events.

    Do email us at if you would like to discuss anything further or have any other questions.

    All best,
    W&A Admin

  3. Linda Daunter on January 2, 2019

    Hi Amy,
    Have you checked if there are any writers groups in your area?
    Take a look here:
    You could also try enquiring at your local library, that's how I found some other writers when I moved to a new town.

  4. ELSIE BYRON on January 1, 2019

    Hi Amy. I think this is a brilliant idea but it would be a problem for me as I live in the North West. But it could work if there were other people in or around the same area who could easily reach a destination that is known to them, somewhere like Manchester in my case. Also there would have to be some way of letting people know about it. But theoretically I think it's a great idea.


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