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Indent or not to indent? That is the question

I'm new to this group and I'm fairly certain this will have already been asked but at present, I cannot locate the information I need.
Can anyone confirm the rules about indenting the first line of paragraphs, please? I worked for years in an office then as a teacher and the need for indenting was regarded as obsolete but I see conflicting information online Any help appreciated..

Asked by: Sandra Roth

  1. Violetta Ugra on February 12, 2019

    When they accept a scientific article in a journal, for example, at the Academy of Sciences, they clearly write the rules. It is about indents, font size. There are all the most correct rules. Perhaps you look at them?

  2. Sandra Roth on February 5, 2019

    Many thanks

  3. Jonathan Hopkins on February 4, 2019

    My understanding is the first line of a chapter is not indented, with subsequent paragraphs then being indented. Except that if there's a section break, the first line of that is not indented, though I gather that can depend on the individual publisher's preference.
    I've produced 2 full manuscripts with paragraphs as described and they've both been published with no comments on the subject of indent, one self-pubbed and the second by an independent, so I'll continue to stick with the same format


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