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Are you looking for an illustrator?

Hi everyone,
I'm a freelance illustrator and if there is anyone looking for an illustrator, I'm open to any exciting collaborative opportunities.
Email me

Thank you

Asked by: Loreta Isac

  1. Edward Richardson 1 week ago

    Your question was not specific about the type of work you do, so I checked ‘Profile’.

    I opened up your website and was pleased with what I saw – particularly the ‘5am cat’, which I too have suffered from!

    Back to the beginning; could you refine a description of what you do so it would give us writers an idea of your capabilities? The profile I found rather limited – and you describe yourself as a ‘Novice’, I would certainly question that!

    Your work is delightful, though it would not suit what I write about – but perhaps I could be converted…

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