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Digital content or E-books

Hello everyone. I haven't been on here much this year, I hope everyone has had a positive start to their 2019.

My question is; Is it worth doing an E-Book, or looking at purely digital content as a way of marketing your stories?

Thank you for your time

Asked by: David Constantine

  1. Jonathan Hopkins on May 14, 2019

    My take on this is it depends what you want from your writing.

    I think the majority of writers want readers. It's why we struggle on with the job when it'd be far easier to settle for an easy life and give it up. But we're not like that.
    So...we have to decide whether to chase an agent/publisher, with a very small chance of earning a pittance, or an infinitesimally small chance of making a living, and probably have to suffer a pretty long wait to do either. Or we could go it alone and thus need to learn marketing, among other skills, as well as do the writing job. Because a job is what it needs to be, really.

    If you choose the former route and happen to be successful, you can forget worrying about formats because that's all taken care of for you. For the latter - and let's be realistic, that's probably the way the majorityof us will get into print - we really need to embrace Ebooks because they'll be the majority of sales in terms of number, but also produce the highest % profit.

    Best of luck. But, as every man and his dog says, don't give up the day job. At least not just yet :D

  2. Edward Richardson on May 11, 2019


    You use the phrase ‘marketing, so I assume you want to sell your work at a profit, in this case I would suggest it is not worth while going the electronic way. You may make a little money, but if you want to be wealthy from your writing you need a good Agent, and a good publisher (or publishers).

    ‘Go-It-Alone’ may work for a few, but I have always found it more comfortable (and profitable) to have the added strength of good people around me.

    If you only wish to present your work to a wider public without making a great deal of money, blogging may be the answer. I am aware some bloggers have made a lot of money from their blogs, but even in that direction the tide may have started to turn.

    I remember a time (not so long ago) when every café, every train and every bus, had a full compliment of people reading books on an electronic device – now the paper book has returned. Perhaps it is more comforting?

    Whatever action you take, many of us would be pleased to hear how you get on (and please don’t splash us with the Rolls-Royce as you drive past). Perhaps, for you, the electronic way will work…

    Edward Richardson


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