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Finding Annie is my debut novel self published only last month. A range of people have suggested that it would make a good film. I guess I need a screenplay, but how do I do this with zero experience? Are there people out there prepared to collaborate in such an enterprise? Is there a process of submitting a novel to a film company with a view to their commissioning a screen play? Help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by: Peter Maher

  1. Edward Richardson 6 days ago

    I still maintain my advice is sound; find a good agent and they will do the work for you. (What do other experienced writers think?)

    You say a ‘range of people’ advised you, but were they ‘in the trade’ and competent to judge? If they were members of your local writing club or group, I would say okay, but if they were friends and relations I sound a note of warning.

    People can be so nice when telling you how good your work is, and then they walk away saying (under their breath perhaps), ‘What rubbish’.

    I find agents to be blunt, for they have to earn a living too…

    The trick is to get your next book out to the agents ASAP. Don’t let the grass grow under you feet.

  2. Peter Maher 1 week ago

    Thanks for that input;.
    Jonathan: inprobably will but would live, "an idiots guide to screenwriting". Well, I got that right at least!
    Edward: oh that I could! My search lasted 6 months and went out to ove 100 potential agents. I got lots of polite words, "not quite my genre" and so on. That's why I went down the self-published root, but far from satisfactory. Any Agents out there watching who are prepared to take a punt!?
    Thanks Elsie: when I retired I took a course in creative writing. It was far from inspiring. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could. At least I knew how and what to write. I have no idea about the technical requirements and layout of a screenplay? Back to my need for an idiots guide.

    Any screenwriters out there watching who are prepared to take a punt!?

  3. Jonathan Hopkins 1 week ago

    If you wrote a novel with zero experience, I'd have thought you should be able to put together a screenplay, too.

  4. Edward Richardson 2 weeks ago

    My advice is, ‘Find a good agent’. They will do all the work for you - and negotiate film or TV rights on your behalf.

  5. ELSIE BYRON 2 weeks ago

    Meant to add go into Opportunities on the bbc web site. The course is run by the University of Anglia, or East Anglia.


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