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E pub and MOBI software

Please could someone let me know how or where I can download free Mobi or E Pub software into which I can covert Word documents for Kindle. There's lot's of information ABOUT Mobi and E-pub, but nothing on HOW and WHERE to obtain it.
I have just published a paperback anthology of verse on Amazon Create Space, but when I reviewed the Kindle version, the stanzas and chapter headings were all over the place [right, left, top of the page] rather than the verses being in the centre of the 'page'.
Can E-pub and MOBI help one edit or change the page size to fit the text?
Alternatively, what page size on Word does one recommend, where the position of the text/verses on each page are not going rogue?

Asked by: Ralph Cutting

  1. Ralph Cutting on July 16, 2019

    Thanks for your feedback again, it is appreciated.

    I think one has to upload the MS onto the Kindle create on the publishing page. Indeed, it is the same page as I uploaded and created the paperback. Amazon then offered the optionof publishing a Kindle version. They (Amazon) didn't offer a Kindle create download. Furthermore, the Kindle preview they gave me to download is not viewable on my computer.
    I will check Amazon again to see if there's a Kindle create, but as I mentioned, my problem is formatting and the appearance of the text, which went rogue. Creating the Kindle version itself was no problem, as I was able to see a preview. The solution is, I think, to create a brand new version in Word, in the manner stated in my previous reply.

  2. Jonathan Hopkins on July 15, 2019

    I'm told 'Kindle Create' (free download from Amazon) works for poetry, though I've never tried it. Is that what you used?

  3. Ralph Cutting on July 14, 2019

    Dear Johnathan Hopkins,
    Thanks for your reply.

    Indeed, I did use Amazon's own software, or rather, uploaded the MS and text appeared in different parts of the page eg Top left, centre right, left etc, rather than centre centre where I wanted it to be (the verses are senru/haiku).

    The preview of the paperback version appeared as I had formatted it, at size 6 x 9 imperial.

    I have just thought, perhaps, I should centre-centre the text before clicking Page Break; perhaps that explains the rogue text in the Kindle version.

  4. Jonathan Hopkins on July 14, 2019

    The only one I know of is Calibre.

    I'd have said the best way to get a decent Kindle conversion is to use Amazon's own software. Nowadays I think you can download a proof copy once you've uploaded your MS, which wasn't the case years ago and means you can change things and re-submit if there are problems.


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