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using facebook to promote self published novel

Hi, how many of you have experience of doing this? I'm trying, but don't think I'm very good at it. I've tried linking current topics to my book,and writing comments on my book page, so becoming a commentator, and I have followers, but it's not producing sales. Any ideas would be gratefully recieved.

Asked by: Roslyn Renwick

  1. Adrian Sroka 5 hours ago

    To add to Richard's excellent reply, there are many writers' groups on Facebook.

  2. Richard Wall 3 days ago

    The trick is to work out exactly who your readers are, and then go to where they hang out.
    Who would be most interested in various aspects of your story.
    Think about these topics:

    -The location of your story or the era in which it is set:
    For example: a story set in the Vietnam War would appeal to veterans and their families, and anyone with an interest in history.

    -The characters:
    What do your characters do for work, for recreation. Do they have specific interests?

    -The genre of the book:
    Is it romance, historic fiction, crime thriller, horror?

    For each on of these topics I bet you will find a bunch of Groups on Facebook. That's where your readers hang out! Join the groups, READ THE RULES ABOUT POSTING LINKS, introduce yourself and interact with the group. It will take a while to get yourself known, but if your book is good enough then it will happen, and people will begin talking about your story.

    There's a group called 'I'm Not Obsessed I Just Love To Read' they run Self-promotion Saturday, where members can post links to their books/website/FB pages. I've sold a few copies doing this alone.

    Look me up on Facebook and send me a friend request (if you want to). More than happy to share my own experiences (whatever that's worth!) :-)


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