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I have finished writing a YA mystery book and I need someone to help me edit it.What should I do?

Asked by: Monika Upadhyaya

  1. Lukas Breit 5 days ago

    Hey Neil, thanks for the tips! Would you always recommend putting the manuscript aside and reread it a few weeks later? I sometimes realize like to days later or so what I could change or I got another "brilliant idea" - or even then would you recommend not touching the book, even if you feel like you've got a really good new idea? :-)

  2. Neil McGowan on February 12, 2020

    Hi Monika, the first thing I would do is put it aside and work on something else for a week or two. That way, you can come back to it with fresh eyes. Have a read through, making notes about anything obvious (continuity errors, pacing, etc) and rewrite. If you belong to a writer's group then you may be able to source editing through them; don't forget alpha and beta readers, as well - the more polished the MS, the less work the editor will have to do.
    Finally, once you think things are as good as you can make them, have a look for an editor - it's not cheap, but it makes all the difference. You'll want one that's familiar with your genre - a quick search should throw a few options up. Check into the testimonials, and maybe make use of a sample edit to see what difference it makes.
    Hope this helps :) Going through rewrites and editing with my YA novel (more horro/action & adventure in my case) so I'm acutely aware of how many options there are. The above suggestions have always worked for me :)


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