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length of pages

Hi everybody, I an writing my first novel and asking most probably a silly question. I have noticed on other novels that here is a lot less words per page than mine which is being written on microsoft word and when printed will be in an A4 format. does this mean that when sent to a publisher or uploaded to kindle the pages will be shorter and more of them? apologies in advance if this doesn't make any sense

Asked by: Philip Robinson

  1. Philip Robinson on June 20, 2020

    Many Thanks for your sound advice Jonathan. what you have said i can understand and makes sense to me.

    kind regards


  2. Philip Robinson on June 20, 2020

    Many Thanks for the sound advice Jonathan. what you have saidI can underatnd and makes sense to me

    kind Regards


  3. Jonathan Hopkins on June 19, 2020

    I wouldn't worry about page length at this stage. Word count is more important, IMO, as to be attractive to a publisher, books usually need to fall into specific bands which they consider appropriate to their particular genre.

    If you send it to a publisher or agent, they'll usually specify on their websites how they want the manuscript formatted. In the past I've found this is often double spaced (so they can make notes between the lines) and left-aligned. If you then have an MS accepted, the publisher will space and justify text themselves.

    Kindle is different. .mobi files have specific requirements in terms of formatting, but KDP has a program you can load your MS into (KInde Create) which helps with that.

    I used to worry about formatting but, frankly, the important thing at this stage is to get your first draft complete, then edit it yourself initially until you're happy with the finished story.
    There'll be plenty of time to do the other stuff, but without a completed draft you have nothing.

    Best of luck!


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