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English Documents Writer

I'm a researcher/writer based in Germany (English is my mother-tongue and I'm fluent in German and Afrikaans - I'm originally a Saffer, living in Munich). I spend a lot of time assessing loan applications from companies in Europe. A lot of the applications come from non-English speaking countries, but they have to write their applications in English. Often they shoot themselves in both feet due to the poor quality of their English, and what otherwise might have been a good application, sometimes does not get green-lit simply out of an inability to communicate in comprehensive English. I obviously cannot assist any of the applicants because the submission date has passed (and it would be a clear conflict of interest). However, I'd be grateful for any suggestion of where to go, where I can offer these services to European companies. I'm a business post-grad who does a lot of tech research - a lot of the work I assess is technical in nature. Any suggestions?

Asked by: Gordon Greaves

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