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Rights reversion

Hi everyone,

I recently bought the rights for my book back from my publisher and I bought my book files as part of the deal. Even though they are explicitly included in the contract, he is refusing to give them to me until next year (the contract is dated early November) but he did not mention this before I paid and he'd sent me the contract.

Does anyone know if the only way to make my publisher honour the contract is to take him to court? I am tempted if this is the case as in addition to the stress of the pandemic he's been sending me emails putting me down and being generally unpredictable and unkind. To have the chance of a third party as a witness is tempting because sometimes I feel that people with a little power feel like it's OK to treat people working by themselves quite badly.

Any advice or info on similar experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Asked by: Suzanne Wylde

  1. Juliana Pius 2 days ago

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  2. Jonathan Hopkins 2 days ago

    aLLi (Alliance of Independent Authors) do legal advice, I believe. They may be well worth joining .

  3. Suzanne Wylde 4 days ago

    Thank you Victoria, I think I will do that this week. Hope you're well.

  4. Victoria Whithear 5 days ago

    I think you should seek legal advice from those who specialise in this kind of contract law.

  5. Suzanne Wylde 6 days ago

    Hello again.

    My publisher is now telling me he won't send me my files because " you can’t do anything with them until the Gardners stock is no longer in Gardners." and also "Amazon won’t allow you to sell until there is no physical stock available elsewhere".

    Does anyone know if this is the case for printing a new, slightly modified version of my book, that I cannot sell it until the stock of the previous printing has run out?

    Thank you very much!

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