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Hi Hannah

I'm new to the community, how does this work? Richard

Asked by: Richard Elder

  1. Richard Elder 2 days ago

    "And what is in the box?"
    She slowly traced her finger around the rim of the mug, the warm scent of spiced cocoa filling the incense-heavy air. She lifted dark chocolate eyes, a smile on dark chocolate lips as the gold clasps in her braids gently chinked together. "Him heart," she replied softly. "As dem say, dee price mus be paid in dee end."
    Drawing his revolver, he jumped to his feet, knocking the chair backwards. She leaned back in hers and, resting her palms on the edge of the table, asked him, "You come here looking for answers, yes?"
    His eyes flicked left and right, checking the door and the window. Rain pelted against the glass and wind moaned under the door. "Open it," he hissed, cocking the weapon and pointing it at her face. She nodded and levered the lid from the box, her long pointed nails scratching against old wood.
    Faded blue eyes in a parchment-yellow face stared at the ceiling. Light from the oil lamp played across straight white teeth bared in the scream frozen in the face of his brother.

  2. Hannah Hunt 2 days ago

    Hi Richard, basically just continue my story in whatever way you want. Add themes, plotlines, characterisation or whatever, and it can be as long as you want!


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